Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Chat

A couple of nights ago Eliza and I and the whole Jerusalem Center were working on a paper for our Near Eastern Studies class, so while Eliza and I sat at neighboring computers, this is the Google Chat conversation we had.

me: Hi, this is the first time I've chatted with you

eliza.hut: that makes two of us wait that didn't really make sense

me: That makes three of us, soon to be the two of us And you're one of those two

eliza.hut: It is really easy to keep a secret between two people when one of them is dead or Krunk

me: ayup

eliza.hut: so what ya working on

me: me paper
I'm writting the very first sentence as we speak.

eliza.hut: Congratulations
Hey are you the person that is feeding mom information from Henderson?

me: I don't know if anyone told you, but I'm not in henderson right now.

eliza.hut: What?!? and you didn't tell me?!?!?!

me: I was sure mom wrote it in the family memo.

eliza.hut: WHAT there's a family letter? where?

me: Oh, I thought you were at the family council meeting where we discussed instituting a family letter. From my minutes I also noted that Caleb petitioned for later cerfew and cellular phone privilleges and Ethan made a motion to be crowed commander-for-life

eliza.hut: I hope that both of the boys motions were either squashed quickly or tabled until forever

me: there was a gavel war that ended with a couple of smashed appendages and I think you were held for contempt of court

eliza.hut: wow that gavel must have hit me harder than the court thought. it was probably you that hit me... wasn't it. for old times sake?!? Hmmmm...

me: the council artist drew a sketch of the event, I think I might have it here

eliza.hut: do you now... I may have to see this said picture

me: onlookers were baffled by the gavel hit. A new rule was motioned and aproved that all who stand to speak must also wear the official helmet of justice

eliza.hut: I would support that motion... but I don't know if Ethan would aprove. It would require him to remove his crown. I don't see that going well.

me: Ethan did appeal the motion, and after a couple three reconvening a compromise was reached that he would have to remove his crown, but he could continue to hold his

eliza.hut: I think the sceptor would prove to be more dangerous thatn the gavel, especially in his hands My question is... who is the normal holder of the gavel?

me: Well you see we decided upon a rather liberal democratic council system where whomsoever is standing on the floor gets to hold the gavel. It's a new system and has some kinks to smooth out, but thus far there have only been a handfull of incidents and I hear dad's eye is healing nicely.

eliza.hut: So does that mean that every member of the council now has to wear a helmet of justice, just in case a stray gavel should fly in their direction. If that motion has not already been made i plan to bring it to the floor with utmost haste.

me: The incident concerned dad's eye was due to a gavel malfunction. And since our top engineer was incapacitated, our engineer reserve reasembled the said gavel with duct tape and staples.

Though most understood the unlikelyhood of the event reoccuring, there was another motion made for all council members to have to wear gogles of hope durring the durration of any meeting.
Hope for a better future and hope that it never happens again

eliza.hut: Who is in the er- engineer reserves

me: Ah, a most austere and ingenious council member. One well liked and respected among the community and all mankind in general. Most feel that the improved gavel should become imortalized in a monument so as all can bask in this symbol of courage and determination

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